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About Deviant Artist is the no-talent pessimist...Female/Unknown Group :iconlove-is-genuine: Love-is-genuine
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A short snippet 2
Under the cover of an extra-large military cap stood an extremely tall, androgynous young male. Brown caramel bangs curved to the right of his forehead along the wavy flaxen-tipped forelocks framing down his cheek. The overhead lights beam glared against his mirrored wraparound shades. The leather cuffs and dark nail polish made his pale skin pop further. In fact, what seemed to make him stand out wasn’t his choice of clothes: a short-sleeve cross-front T-shirt underneath a hooded zip-up long jacket, studded belt looped in his cotton cargo pants, and studded pyramid high-top sneakers—but that he wore all black in a barely ventilated room, with the outside heat index being an unbearable ninety-five degrees. Even so, while there was clearly a small-sized fan on the floor that stood only two long strides away, it stayed untouched and unplugged.
Pressing the iPod connected to a Sharp 2-way speaker, music pulsed and resonated through the room. Only the most avid of anime fans wo
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Mature content
A short snippet :iconsuperchaoticboom:superchaoticboom 0 0
Interview with my Character
My knee bounced in anticipation.
The beautiful decor of the room made it more of a lavish master bedroom suite: The walls skillfully layered in shades of red with black were detailed in giving the appearance of outer space. Above was skylight and below the hard wooden floor was covered in an oriental rug. Bolted behind the black leather fainting couch and the leather sofa chaise longue were two beautiful fake thin trees. The bed was understandably king-sized with burgundy spread embroidered gold and matching thick pillows. There was a large dresser drawer with a beautiful Gothic framed mirror above it.
To the left of me stood a long floor lamp beside a corner computer desk. A Japanese bi-fold Shoji door nearly touched the wide circular espresso cabinet-drawer bookcase. It was filled with hardcovers yet split through the very center was a glass door holding all things electronic: a flat-screen tv, a cable box, DVD player, VCR. There was even a Playstation 3, an X-Box 360 and a Nintendo
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Prologue to a possible beginning
Their eyes only ever bother to scan the surface, thought Ryuunosuke Kaito, as he made his way to the crowded street and into wide-spaced park. Known simply as Ryo to most-both as a nickname and because his name was generally a mouthful to foreigners-The curious looks and side glances. It wasn't the fact that he was rocking his own specially-made all black Gothic-punk chic look: A mesh tank top underneath an asymmetric zip-up top, Key rings and chains hung off the loops of his pyramid studded belted cargo pants , and pyramid studded high-top sneakers in nearly ninety-five degree weather. It wasn't from the heavy old-school boombox set effortlessly on his shoulder by his right arm or the cardboard box underneath his left arm (Dub-steppers and beat-boxers were more or less the norm in this city).
No, it was him being a seven-foot three-and-a-half inched androgynous Asian that shocked people. This came as no surprise, nor did it no longer depress him so much to be confused for the opposite
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Make sure he's not like me
Make sure he's not like me,
Daddy loves you, but best believe:
Any wrong he does to you, take some thought before you forgive.
Whether he's smoking, drinking, or whatever it is.
If you know you can't accept his ways then walk away and choose to live.
We all love you, baby girl, so here I am asking-no telling you:
Make sure he gives you room to breathe,
That he won't ever begrudge your needs,
He won't be quick to anger or lie,
He's faithful, true, and holds you high.
Just make sure he's not like me,
Or else first thing you do is leave.
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Analysis of Characters
Character Analysis
~A character's role can be changed in regards to the story
~Main Characters
The core cast of primary regular, central characters mainly focused on & seen.
AKA the main protagonist & associates: friends, family, love, allies, villains, etc.
If there's more than one main protagonist, they easily take turns with center stage.
Any main character(s) can have a lesser role in the story for whatever reason…
Sick, absent at the time, busy with things, moved away, deceased, etc…
If moved away or deceased- are usually only rarely called or remembered.
By not centering on the main protagonist, other main characters have center stage.
AKA the other main characters have the story seen through their Point Of View/
Are seen for what they do, behave, think, feel throughout & how the story flows…
~Major Characters
The rotating group of impermanent primarily supporting secondary characters.
Their role and ch
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Lament of undying hopefulness
To yearn for thou is pain.
To think of thou brings wounds to mine chest…
'tis every intention of mine to hold thou in mine arms.
But alas, thou pushes me away…Yet thine name on mine lips doth holds hope.
Verily, I roam beyond shadows seeking refuge from falling to temptation.
The temptation of mine body responding to the warmth of another…
Lest I will only take the one for all that she is at the time: lust. A tool to banish pain.
Physically, I say.
Emotionally, the pain remains unceasing. Never subsiding.
For it hurts lying that she is thou…In the form of another woman…
That if I think of thee as I am with her, mine actions will be forgiven…
Such a poor delusion of an excuse to make…
Let mine body bear pain as mine thoughts wander to the farthest reaches of thine spirit…
For banter filled with flirtation that leads to death of the body by the sin of infidelity…
It is all needless.
Because to not have thou as the body to release mine inner fe
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Guide to Storytelling #2
The Absolute no! Contradiction & Inconsistency:
~All Storyline & FAQ, confirmed in story or not, must be made canon
If you or some other artist, makes an illustration of your character, make sure it looks exactly like what the description says. Don't change your mind on what you originally said the character looks like in your book, just because you think the artwork looks better than what you first imagined…Unless you decide on making it as an "As the years go by/Epilogue" kind of illustration…
If you had two people dating in your book, and after the series has ended, you make it in your guide book to where they broke up years ago or something and found love with someone different, how about stating the reasons why they broke up…Other than the cliché, overly used, "It just didn't work out/they had a fling"…
~Don't contradict your own rules just to make your story convenient
~Always make sure you have all your facts down straight for material
You should keep a
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Guide to Storytelling #1
First Appearances are everything! (Really!)
A good author should never give a character indeterminate canon
*State a character's skin tone, descent & gender in the first book they appear in.**
~Facial features, physique, eye color, hair color & style, fashion, voice, accent, etc.
~Estimated age, even aura and scent is something to notice!
***Don't use particular words for character describing if unable to prove your point…
*It only takes maybe four sentences more or less to do so, your entire book won't be ruined if you do this…Surely if an author can put enough detail on a side/minor character you might not ever see again, than it should not be hard to put almost a paragraph worth of emphasis on your regular character. And I know I cannot stand having to wait for so many books after seeing that character for so long, having to visit a FAQ's page on the author's website or having to wait until an official guide-book comes out just to find out what a character's skin tone or d
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Within the mind of my heart once again
The warmth of tears silently flow, from off my chin and jaw,
For the longest I wondered, if my steel ice heart would thaw.
And then I met you…
An angel in pure disguise.
Towards me you flew,
And my heart did arise.
You taught me how to love again.
My heart said God had blessed me with 'the one'…
But I became afraid of losing you, my beloved friend,
Thus repeating that which left me undone.
One of my favorite scriptures above all else is 1 Corinthians 13,
The keys helping me learn what true love is supposed to mean.
But I let the chains of fear, sadness, and envy still hold me down…
It locks me into place in its chambers, were only darkness is found.
I prayed every time I thought of you, in short, much of each day.
That you would forgive me for reacting in such a horrid miserable way.
I prayed we could start over,
Just to rekindle what we lost,
My heart would once again beat ten times over,
After you made your way to break the lock…
When I finally saw you, I felt my
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Last Words Left Behind
How long have you wished I was perfect?
Have I not given my all to you?
I know that what you want may seem worth it,
Only I do not know if my heart is through:
With sifting through my past decisions,
Done with extinguishing these inner demons,  
And in my minds twenty-twenty vision…
A woman leaves her love to go die…
Will I not ever be good enough,
To pass this depressive test called love?
I set my sights on going blind,
Letting your last words trail behind…
There is nothing that you can say to convince me,
That you will still feel as you did back then,
The past has made a pass and now presently,
I feel like I am in the deep end…
The place that I cannot turn my back to,
Gives me all the more reason to leave you,
Try for once looking in my eyes,
Go on ahead, mutter your lies,
As I plan leaving the same night…
Will I not ever be good enough,
To pass this depressive test called love?
I set my sights on going blind,
Letting your last words trail behind
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Destiny is only in a kiss
Destine's heart skipped in beats at Sora's intense staring. The piercing gaze from his shimmering silver-tinted blue eyes was so mesmerizing, that it was hard for her to look away.
"I-Is there something wrong?"
"No," Sora said, his voice solemn. "I was just…Envisioning something."
"What was it?"
"Something that's…More or less inappropriate and shameful."
Destine shook her head, "I'm sure it isn't, please tell me."
"Before I tell you, can I ask you a question?" Sora seemed very hesitant to tell his feelings.
"Yes, of course." Destine said. For some reason, she could've sworn the hairs on the back of her neck were standing.
"Do you believe that it's…strange for a mere man to want to…kiss, someone he prefers to be his…Beloved destiny, even though what he feels may seem unreasonable?"
Destine didn't know what to say. Her words were caught in her throat, which was tight and nearly dry; what he said made her feel nauseously nervous, her stomach was in knots. All she
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God's Lovely Plan
Long ago we first met,
My faith was dwindling then…
And all of what love was I thought I knew…
I had myself fully prepared,
For a seasoned love affair…
But in the moment when we talked my plans fell through…
Before my life was dull,
Glass was never half full,
Then you came to me and the world shone different hues…
My heart was literally in awe,
Your wings appeared hiding all flaws,
God gave me everything when heaven opened leading me to you…
Could this be the difference from fantasy and real?
Reflections from stories that at once lost their appeal.
I would say I was dreaming, but your lips I can feel,
To make a lasting incision, I'm willing this could last more than a season…
I tried praying for happiness,
How could I ever guess?
What I had not exactly asked for was on cue…
In complete shock beyond belief,
And still I cannot breathe,
Rejoicing what led my life to see an open view…
Could this be the difference from fantasy and real?
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love's effort
I never was real strong,
Though people would think wrong,
And when it came to sacrifice…
To leave all traces of happiness,
Shying away from love's advice…
In what should have been sweet,
Love's journey made me weak,
Defeat surrounds like starless dark…
I guess the reason still astounds me…
How can love shine without a spark?
And many times the answer,
Did come finally,
Soon followed by another careless dream…
The bitterness I pass,
From my misshapen past,
Could I cast out pain from my sight?
Give me a gentle hand to grasp,
From one who sees beyond my mask…
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Love's Complication
Never did I mean, to crush all your dreams.
I only wanted you to watch yourself…
In love's final scene, tears are fallen streams,
Mending a broken heart can ruin health.
Yes it's true for a while I had fantasies,
All others fell out when compared,
In my mind we had perfect love.
But it was obviously a front,
I thought I put an end to tragedies,
Though I was always running scared…
Leaving time for my heart to breathe,
The yearn will stop its unpleasant geed…
Perfect is the language romance heeds,
Sadly I could never fill your needs…
To give up something precious,
Just to keep your affections,
Leaves bitter taste of fate…
If we focused on us from the start,
We would not be suffering loss of hearts…
The realization of the waste,
Only brings sorrow and complaint,
Along with tenderness and hate…
Taking it in stride, making up my mind,
"There's no way I could fall in love again",
Suddenly too soon, logic became swoon,
My feelings welled up into ecstasy
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Chapter Unknown 1
It was pouring rain when Sora finally came around with the firewood. It seemed kind of useless to try burning since it was drenched along with him. Destine rushed over to his side with a towel and started wiping his head. "Well, I guess we don't really need a fire…" she said, drying him off. He didn't answer her, his eyes closed the entire time. "Maybe you should take a hot bath instead." She suggested noting at how his damp clothes clung to his skin. She touched his forehead worriedly, "Before you get sick?"
"No, I don't need that." He said pulling up and off his shirt. Just as Destine had opened her mouth to protest she stopped. This was his house, so if he wanted to walk shirtless, she had no right to stop him. "I-I'll just get you a robe and-"
"Why do that when there's warmth right in front of me?" He asked rhetorically, interrupting her. Without any warning he gathered her in his arms and walked on over to the couch, setting her there.
"S-Sora! Y-you're cold!", Destine announ
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Blue_2 by jaebau Blue_2 :iconjaebau:jaebau 953 47 cat's eye by jestembella cat's eye :iconjestembella:jestembella 1,035 77 Axent Wear Update by yuumei Axent Wear Update :iconyuumei:yuumei 15,776 544 Iwatobi Swim Club and Rin by Antiquity-Dreams Iwatobi Swim Club and Rin :iconantiquity-dreams:Antiquity-Dreams 197 11 Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Stickers/Magnets by Musapan Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Stickers/Magnets :iconmusapan:Musapan 166 5 Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Makoto Tachibana Scan by Mistiqarts Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Makoto Tachibana Scan :iconmistiqarts:Mistiqarts 1,424 49 Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club Render by 2cq Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club Render :icon2cq:2cq 571 18 Extrusion by tsukiko-kiyomidzu Extrusion :icontsukiko-kiyomidzu:tsukiko-kiyomidzu 2,358 413 Spaceship Port Process by DeivCalviz Spaceship Port Process :icondeivcalviz:DeivCalviz 139 8  2965 by Heardbydeaf 2965 :iconheardbydeaf:Heardbydeaf 93 14 Beauty of dying 04 by Heardbydeaf Beauty of dying 04 :iconheardbydeaf:Heardbydeaf 85 7 it's looks like a Fairytale...... by Betuwefotograaf it's looks like a Fairytale...... :iconbetuwefotograaf:Betuwefotograaf 542 59 undying hope by IreneHorvath undying hope :iconirenehorvath:IreneHorvath 292 52 Lost in The Crowd by MyLifeThroughTheLens Lost in The Crowd :iconmylifethroughthelens:MyLifeThroughTheLens 1,538 113 spring beauty queen by ildiko-neer spring beauty queen :iconildiko-neer:ildiko-neer 276 8


I don't know how to say this...but I need help. Like, serious, emotional help. For my strength as a person. Nearly all of my life I have been a past dweller. And like my mother pointed out before she left I have so much pent up sadness and anger and drama-fueled issues that I still have yet to deal with. I'm afraid to. All of it stems from my childhood...Though billions of people worldwide have gone through so worse things than I ever had...

Reflecting back on my life now, it's why I can still be so cold hearted and passive-aggressive and distrusting and skeptical. Towards my family and my friends--the people who genuinely care about me. I bundle up every bit of detail regarding what they did or said that has hurt me or made me frustrated and I'll throw it in their face. And that isn't right. It's awful and cruel of me...And I never once learned to grow from my painful memories and experiences. I said I would once, but I never made the effort...A few years ago, I would pray...I would pray that God would make me into a better person. Say that I wanted a change in my life, and that I had to let go of everything that stood in the way of that. But here's the thing: I don't know how to love myself; I don't know how to see that God does love me regardless of my own faults and flaws. And although miracles can and do oftentimes happen, there is no way I can ever expect such a change to occur if I don't learn what love is. I just never believed I really could grow into truly loving myself because everything back then has continued to break me and make me so miserable now. 

I try to be a good person...I strive to be a christian. I try to be open-minded and open-hearted. But the way I am now isn't christian-like at all! After being hurt so many times I find it hard to give people second-chances, or believe that people can be sincere...yet I'll half-expect them to give me a second chance whenever I mess up. It's not right...

If I could just let the past stay in the past and let all of these negative emotions go and move forward, I know I could be happy. I just need to forgive and move on...I need to learn to get over myself and stop being so selfish and thinking the world owes me. I need to stop letting what happened to me be my excuse for being afraid. And I need to learn that people are who they are for whatever reason and I have to accept it no matter how hard it is.

I want to be a person who can say "I believe" and let it manifest without having that dreaded pang of doubt cloud my beliefs. I want to make a growing number of life-long friends and not lose any of them because for whatever reason I'm too caught up in my insecurities and remembering past events to realize that they really do need and want me 'here' just as much as I them. I want to be someone worth loving and who knows how to give it in return. I don't want to hate myself anymore or ever again...

I just...need prayer. I really, really, really need some prayer.  

This is alot to ask, but please, please pray for me...

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is the no-talent pessimist...
Favorite Bible Verse: 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 & 13.

Description (Physical & internal): "She was rather average looking; not anything that she'd deem pretty or beautiful when it came to her looks. But if she liked anything physical about herself, it was the length of her hair and its color.
A shy,quiet,soft-spoken girl with a strangely high-pitched childish voice. She had the sweet kindness of her mother (as she was often told) and the artistic/musical talents of her father (however she considered herself talentless). She was hard working when she wanted to be and was easily forgetful on serious matters. She often made promises she couldn't keep due to her own laziness, forgetfulness, or nervousness.
She was easily angered, yet slowly forgiving and regretful. Her self-proclaimed nickname was "That heart sleeve girl", because she knew her facial expressions were usually that of worry or annoyance around others. But that was probably her loneliness or anxieties showing itself.
Always the one to be a bundle of nerves around people, mainly the opposite sex. She was filled with paranoia, self-consciousness, self-pity, and would constantly critique herself badly. She had many phobias,most of which involved fears of failure,dying painfully, 1)falling in love and 2)not receiving love.
1) because she didn't think she was good enough for it, and 2) because she didn't think that anyone could truly love her despite her flaws.
Which roughly translated revealed her fear of dying alone.
In fact, it was fear that was her main downfall."

Current Residence: Realistically: On Planet Earth...Frequently: In my many envisions of unborn worlds...

Favourite genre of music: Pop, Rock, Techno, Jazz, Latin, Oldies & Foreign languages, bits of Country, Rap, & R&B.

Favourite style of art: Manga/Anime, Illustration, Realistic-ish (comic & game-wise), & Realism.

Favorite artist(s): Jay/Jeff Axer, Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante, Harvey Mercadoocasio, Sanford Greene, Ken Penders, Nelson Ribeiro, James Fry...

Personal Quote: Once you choose to use the blessings bestowed upon you for good, you give more meanng in life.



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